Kenanga Flower, Cananga Odorata

Alias: Selanga, Kenanga, Sandat, Cananga Odorata
Tribe: Annonaceae

Cananga odorata (Lmk.) Hook. F. & Thoms - Kenanga constitutes one of flower which hand in glove bearing it with tradition and at uses as one of tabor's flower compiler while funeral or pilgrimage even goes to grave ancestor / forbear. In this tradition kenanga's flower have sacral's meaning that expects that invocation pilgrim goes to its ancestor can be acceded. As subjective as thereto, Suamatra's local government North establishes kenanga to flora id at its blood. Besides its flower that result kenanga oil and known as oil ‘ Ylang-ylang ’ for cosmetics industry, other benefit for aromaterapi is effective to smooth away body odor that really troubles. 

Cananga Odorata
kenanga there is two kinds:
  1. Tree-shaped with high 10-40 m. Flower hangs in series 1-3 m numbers. Resulting laureled flower broad and smelly fragrant, but then its flower is easily fall.
  2. Get clump form with tall 2-3 m, which is var. fruticosa (Craib) Sincl. Year-around flowering. Unattractive flower but its crown is not easily fall. Never forms fruit.
kenanga's plant is outgrown of Burmese until upstate Australia. kenanga can good grow at low continent until 1.200 m above the sea level. hot climate with raining among 300-500 mm the sun shineses that adequately with temperature 25-30 Celsius.
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