Melati (Jasminum sambac ( L.) W.Ait )

Alias: Mlati, Malati, Malate
Tribe: Oleaceae

Hemin has tall affinity for Indonesian society. A variety custom ceremony kind that constitute its life trip does ever utilize bungan jasmine. This hemin exploit because its form aptitude that little and its fragrant aroma mewangi over and above ritualnya's meaning.

According to javanese, meaning jasmine ‘ ing salebenting ati ’( ever be fill heart) or regular is remembered along term. Hemin is made manifest that cute, white color, its aroma is typical and eternal and epitomizes impeccable love love. Thing aforesaiding to push we all make hemin as characteristic of indonesian nation. This aspiration materializes / get to be triggered on environment day as world as, date of 5th June 1990, Soharto's president establish hemin as flower of nation flower.

Jasminum sambac

Jasmine plant comprises straightening clump group or even rather creep and chronic growing. High gets to reach 3 meters if untrimmed. Double graded leaf, eggs domed form with tapering tip. potih's color flower, fragrance smelly. Blossoming comprise of 2 3 flowers.

Jasmine constitutes original plant of Ceylon. penyebaranya's region covers India, Indonesia, Philippine, Malay peninsula and Indocina. Jasmine plant can grow properly on gembr's earth and denga's lush the sun shines that adequately on high 0 800 meters above the sea level.

Jasmine is cultivated on a large scale to be taken its catkin. This flower is sold at marketing at the price that is equal to or overchanging a lot of custom ceremony. Jasmine plant a lot of planted at home carbonization as plant of ornament, meanwhile extensive jasmine garden gets to be met at intermediate Java. Jasmine conducting is so easy, only by stek erects already old enough. After 6 12 months, this plant was inflorescent. Besides hemin is utilized too in makings / tea industry as deodorant of tea potion.
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