Anggrek Bulan, Moon Orchid

Alias: Large white orchid, Bombo is brightness, colan's orchid.
Tribe: Orchidaceae

Phalaenopsis amabilis (L.) Blume - Moon orchid was known long time enough at Indonesian which is have at describes by G. E. Rumphius on year 1950, base collection from Ambon. Constitute one of interesting orchid type between thousands orchid that dwell this archipelago. Scattered nearly at all place at Indonesian. Its flower color that a large part whitewashed and well-nigh membundar causes kindred with moon of too far. Really correct if moon orchid is chosen as Spellbound flower since its aesthetical. Therefore doesn't marvel if moon orchid have a lot of is utilized as parent of crossing.

Phalaenopsis Amabilis

epifit's orchid that gets to erect short. Daunya is thick. Its flower series can reach 1 meter and oftentimes branching. Calyx and its crown laps over on one area and as almost domed, whitewashed chromatic. Its lip is thick, curve and consisting of three lobes, meruncing's middle part with two suckers at left its right. Its flower series is lightsome and gets to result 10 20 flowers and consecutive blooms of jetty go to its tip.

Moon orchid is scattered at Indonesia even until Queensland. Even at growing nature at tempoat is opened, but then can be cultivated meagrely naungan. Its weeny seed at nature germinates if associate by mushroom mikoriza. Ordinary moon orchid at artificial ala breeding via its seed because sparse results to new stock down.
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