Biosphere Reserves Not Tiger Relocation Solutions

Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) - The world conservation organization World Wildlife Fund rate, the policy relocate wild tigers in conflict with the residents in the Biosphere Reserve buffer zone of Bukit Batu not the main solution.

"Translocation or relocate tigers from their natural habitat is not the only solution to human conflict permasalan versus tiger that continues to happen," said WWF spokesman Syamsidar Riau in Pekanbaru, on Sunday.

A few days ago Kasi Region III Center for the Natural Resources Conservation (KSDA), Riau, Hutomo, stating, according to the rules of the wild tigers in conflict with humans in Biosphere Reserve buffer zone of Bukit Batu be relocated.
The policy was taken following a warming versus tiger human conflict in the Biosphere Reserve buffer zone of Bukit Batu who prey on a citizen and a cow, but then the tiger died after being trapped residents using alternating noose in front of BBKSDA officer.

According to Syamsidar, tiger relocation plan of biosphere reserves to the Sumatran Tiger Conservation area Sinepis / Buluhala, Bengkalis not a safe habitat for the protected mammals.

The reason, in the conservation area "big cat" that occur both land-clearing activities conducted citizen or company that has led to conflict between man versus tiger because of the limited habitat of wildlife.

"If it moved, not necessarily better than the original habitat. Sinepis Because the surrounding area did not make it safer and tigers might have caused a new conflict in addition to the existing conflicts," he explained.

In early August 2010 a villager were killed tiger pounced on the production of forest concession area of PT Main Road Jaya, partners, suppliers of raw materials, paper industry Sinar Mas Forsetry in tiger conservation landscapes Sinepis forest.

"The best solution is to preserve native habitat, rather than relocate tigers from their original habitat in the biosphere reserve's ecosystem conservation areas," he said.

Based on data from WWF Riau, policy relocate protected wildlife ever undertaken in 2006 to eight Sumatran elephants (Elephant maximus sumatranus) which moved from its original habitat of the area Wildlife Center of King of the Tesso Nilo National Park.

As a result many as two out of six elephants that moved off due to hard to adapt, while the other elephants cause a new conflict with humans, giving rise to casualties on both sides.(M046 / / R014) 

Sumber : ANTARA News (Minggu, 3 Oktober 2010 21:26 WIB)
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