Coral reefs in Muna and badly damaged Bombana

Muna marine waters and Bombana Sulawesi Tenggara (Southeast Sulawesi), suffered damage to coral reefs that are very severe because fishing activities are not environmentally friendly.
"Damage to coral reefs across the Southeast Sulawesi waters reached about 40 percent, and about 50 percent of coral reefs are damaged they are located in the territorial waters of the sea and Bombana Muna," said Head of Fisheries Kelautanan and Abdul Salam in Kendari Southeast Sulawesi, on Monday (25 / 10).
Area, according to Abdul-Salam, has the level of fishing activity with explosives and potassium cyanide are quite high. Nevertheless, the patrol from the Department of Marine and Fisheries are rarely arrested the perpetrators because they are very astute in fool officers. "Is usually the fishermen who mostly come from outside the Southeast Sulawesi, to commit crimes while off guard officer on patrol," said Salam.
Patrol boat owned by Department of Fisheries and Marine is very limited, while the territorial waters of the sea is wide enough. "The total area to be secured, it is not balanced with the existing patrol boat facilities, where only three units, while the coastline that must be maintained along the 1740 kilometers, "he said.
In addition to fishing activities that are not environmentally friendly, other causes of damage to coral reefs that are used as raw material for the manufacture of home by coastal residents. "Almost all coastal areas in those districts there are settlements Bajo ethnic communities, which make settlements in the area of marine waters by using a rock pile," said Salam explains.
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