Tiger Feet Disabilities Human Prey

Pekanbaru (ANTARA News) - The wild tiger in conflict with humans in the area of Biosphere Reserve Bukit Batu, Riau Province, it has long been a disability on his hind legs and thought it was a striped animal that causes human pounce.

"The tiger seemed to have been long enough defect in his right rear leg due to hit the snare, and it makes it difficult to hunt in the woods and eventually pounce on human and animal residents," said coach Sumatran Tiger Conservation Foundation (YPHS), Bastoni, when contacted from Pekanbaru , Saturday.

Bastoni said it was related to the conflict a Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) and humans in the village of Tanjung rains which are located in the Biosphere Reserve buffer zone of Bukit Batu, Kabupaten Bengkalis, Riau.

Finally, the tiger is estimated that 4-5 years old died after being caught and entered in a cage Great Hall Conservation of Natural Resources (BBKSDA) Riau on Friday (1 / 10) then.
Bastoni who claimed to be the location of the arrest said the tiger was limping due to exposure to steel wire snares on the right foot behind him.

He said the noose was most likely installed citizens and wounded in the leg tigers is estimated to have been there for one to two months ago.

During the autopsy, foot tiger looks flawed because his fingernails were missing and four live palm leaves bone only. Meanwhile, the overall length from head to tail tiger reached 225 centimeters.

With that permanent disability, Bastoni said the tiger becomes difficult to run and jump chase game animals in the forest. As a result, predatory animals that had roamed around the village and pounced on humans to livestock as prey.

"Disabled tiger in the hind legs could not make it hunt prey in the forest because the function of the hind legs are for running and jumping. Meanwhile, front leg serves to pounce," said Bastoni.

Separately, the spokesman said WWF Riau Syamsidar related agencies such as BBKSDA should immediately disseminate the use of safe animal trap to the resident for no longer injure wildlife.

"For existing areas of conflict (tiger) with humans, BBKSDA should immediately disseminate the safe use of snares, such as the ban on installation of steel sling noose," he said.

Sumber : ANTARA News (Sabtu, 2 Oktober 2010 11:00 WIB)
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